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Hate Snow??

Not me! There is something so relaxing and serene heading out to shoot after a storm. No footprints, no plow marks, no slushy dirty snow - it really is beautiful! Definitely not that cruddy brown snow that us New Englanders see in March!

Some people hate the winter months but I love them! Don't get me wrong by the end of March I am ready to get on the boat and go fishing but until then I enjoy the snow!

When you think about when to take family photos most don't think of the months of January and February. It's cold, snowy and who wants to be outside when you could be drinking a cup of hot chocolate (or coffee with bourbon cream) near your fireplace?

Well, winter shoots can be fun! Bundled up with scarves and mittens. Rosy cheeks and noses and big smiles make for awesome pictures!

If you found yourself scrolling through your phone for that perfect family picture for your Christmas card and came up empty handed give me a call and we can capture some amazing smiles. I have a handful of places that look great no matter what the weather!

Stay warm!

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