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Three Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

Ok, so you are on the fence about family photos – do you hire a professional or do you snap a few on your phone? Well here are three reasons you should hop off that fence!

Reason One – It’s not just about the camera.

It’s not just about the camera and the equipment that a photographer has; it is the knowledge and experience combined with that camera and equipment.

Professional photographers have hundreds of hours under their belts perfecting the craft of freezing moments and making them heirloom memories.

We know what lighting works and what doesn’t. We know where to position and pose clients to capture the most flattering photos. We know how to select and edit the best images from your session and we do it all with an effortless ease that makes the entire process enjoyable and fun for YOU.

Reason Two – It is more than a snapshot.

It really is more than snapping away with your phone capturing this and that. It is the chance to have a photographer capture your amazing family being yourselves all while considering the technical aspects of photography.

Making sure that there isn’t a branch behind your head that looks like horns and that the light is gently falling where it should instead of directly in your face making you squint.

Capturing beautiful memories that you can blow up, hang on your wall, and smile at each time you see them.

Reason Three – YOU get to be IN the photo!

Yes, you! Mums and Dads who are always the ones behind the camera taking photos of the kids and pets. You get to be IN the photo with your family.

I strive to capture you and your family naturally being yourselves and enjoying each other. In my sessions we usually have some traditional posed shots but the ones that families love the most are the ones that show the fun and loving connection you have with each other.

You know how amazing your family is and it is my goal to capture that beauty. Real Life. Real Memories.

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