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Slow Down

Which resolution did you commit to this year?

I'm going to eat better.

I'm going to exercise.

I'm going to have a wicked clean house all year.

I'm going to make a one million dollars (insert Dr. Evil voice here).

I won't yell at my kids.

Any of those on your list for 2019?

How about committing to slowing down? I picked my 7 year old daughter from after school program last week and as we are walking out she was babbling about one thing or another that happened that day at school. I honestly wasn't really paying attention. I was thinking what will I make for dinner and ugh I forgot to switch the laundry this morning - you know Mom stuff.

As I opened the back of the car for her to put her backpack in I looked at her and she caught me off guard. Standing there at the back of the car with her hand on her hip getting ready to whip her bag in wasn't a little kid - there was a little young lady.

In an instant a wave of memories and feelings of holy shit where did my baby go ran over me. Where did the time go? Where did my baby go? On the drive home we chatted about school, homework, and a new friend she had made and it was then that I realized - I mean I really realized that I need to slow down and enjoy what is around me. The days of her wanting to chat with Mom, hang out with Mom, and snuggle aren't going to be around forever - so I fully intend on taking advantage of it!

There is so much amazing beauty around us. In our family... on our drive to work … in our own backyard … take the time to stop - look - and enjoy it.

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